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Interim Project Management

We help our clients in their commercialization and internationalization needs. In addition to just managing the project, we act hands-on getting the job done, writing brochures and data sheets, negotiating contracts with our client customers' business partners, and giving product-specific sales training. We carry out those tasks that our clients do not have time for, or feel uncomfortable with doing for the first time. In some cases our customers just need a coaching partner to make sure they have not forgotten something vital.

As an example, please find a task list for a typical commercialization project underneath. In this example a company has already technically designed a product they would like to sell and they know its business feasibility – it has been decided to be launched. From an engineer's point of you, the product is almost ready, and from this angle the list may seem to be very exhausting and too time-consuming to accomplish. However, many of the tasks may be easy and some may be excluded from the project's first phase. But then again, in an R&D project a technically almost-ready product often means that only 20 % of the work has been done.

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