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Company Overview
Logos (λόγος) is a Greek word having multiple meanings. It may mean speech, word, meaning, consideration, thought, intelligence, principal, rule, or law, and it is often connected to heavenly values – like is the landscape in the Finnish Lapland's wilderness.

Logos Innovations Oy's mission is to work for better business.

For innovative B-to-B technology entrepreneurs and also for experienced companies, the typical challenge is not to develop a piece of hardware or software, but to create a market-driven R&D and commercialization process with understanding of the business model, earnings principle, and sales and support channel for the product's whole life cycle. After maturing to a certain size, a strong and profitable growth often also requires differentiating the R&D operations and the customer-specific project deliveries.

We help companies in their commercialization and internationalization ventures, where we emphasize professional, yet very practical project management. In our assignments we act as a consultant or as a project manager.

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